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Storygrams in the Classroom

Shannon Hall • Education • November 14, 2017

Editor’s note: Since Showcase and The Open Notebook launched Storygrams, we have thought a lot about how they can be used in the classroom. We asked Robin Lloyd, who teaches science journalism at NYU, to explain how she attempted the task during […]

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Showcase on the Road

Shannon Hall • Education • April 26, 2017

Editor’s Note: One of our hopes for Showcase is that it will be used as a tool in the classroom and in discussions of science journalism. Here, freelance science writer Amber Dance explains how she used Showcase to help guide a talk at […]

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X-raying the Text

Shannon Hall • Education • September 28, 2016

Since Showcase launched Storygrams — professional annotations of award-winning science journalism — we have thought a lot about the value of textual analysis and its use in the classroom. Here, we asked Stephen S. Hall, a professor of science journalism, to explain his favorite classroom exercise.

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