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Who Was That?

Eva Wolfangel
PUBLISHED BY: Die Zeit ON June 1, 2017
European Science Writer of the Year

Whenever you make a bank transfer via the Internet, you leave unique tracks. Using such biometric footprints, a discreet company identifies millions of users on behalf of banks. The users don’t know anything about it.

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How A Lone Hacker Shredded the Myth of Crowdsourcing

Mark Harris
PUBLISHED BY: Backchannel ON February 9, 2015
AAAS Kavli Award

Meet Adam. He’s a mid-level engineer at a mid-level software company in a cookie-cutter California office park. …

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Madhumita Venkataramanan: My Identity For Sale

Madhumita Venkataramanan
PUBLISHED BY: Wired ON October 30, 2014
CASW Clark/Payne

Madhumita Venkataramanan reveals the lucrative trade in our so-called “anonymous” data.

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