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The Plague Years: How the rise of right-wing nationalism is jeopardizing the world’s health

Maryn McKenna
PUBLISHED BY: The New Republic ON April 1, 2019
AAAS Kavli Award CASW Cohn Prize

Maryn McKenna, senior writer at WIRED and a widely published author, won CASW’s Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting in 2023 for her coverage of infectious diseases and global health. This story from her extensive freelance portfolio […]

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A Field at a Crossroads: Genetics and Racial Mythmaking

Ashley Smart
PUBLISHED BY: Undark ON December 12, 2022
NASW Science in Society Award AAAS Kavli Award

Ashley Smart, senior editor at Undark, associate director of the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT, and CASW’s treasurer, won a 2023 NASW Science and Society award and a 2023 AAAS Kavli Award for this story. His “tour de force,” […]

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Meet the ‘Rented White Coats’ Who Defend Toxic Chemicals

David Heath
PUBLISHED BY: The Center for Public Integrity ON February 8, 2016
NASW Science in Society Award

The series “Science for Sale,” which offers a rare glimpse into a world where corporate interests dictate their own science, won NASW’s Science in Society Award in 2017. Although the series includes a number of stories, the one re-published below […]

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Storygram: Amy Maxmen’s “How the Fight Against Ebola Tested a Culture’s Traditions”

Amy Maxmen • October 3, 2017
PUBLISHED BY: National Geographic ON January 30, 2015
NASW Science in Society Award

A great quarrel followed the death of a pregnant Guinean woman in June …

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The Real Scandal: Science Denialism at Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Christie Aschwanden
PUBLISHED BY: The Last Word On Nothing ON February 8, 2012
NASW Science in Society Award

Is breast cancer threatening your life? This Susan G. Komen for the Cure® ad leaves no doubt about who’s to blame —you are. …

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