Javier Salas

Science, Health, and Technology Editor

Javier Salas, the science, health, and technology deputy editor at El País, is a journalist with over 15 years of experience in mainstream media. Specializing in scientific, technological, and environmental reporting, he has been a valuable contributor to El País since 2014, working in the science and technology sections of the newspaper. Throughout his career, he was also part of the founding team of the newspaper Público and served at the website of Informativos Telecinco. Salas has been recognized and honored for his outstanding contributions to journalism. He and Mariano Zafra won a AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award in 2021 for the story “A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air” (featured on Showcase), making them the first Spanish journalists to receive this recognition. He also received the esteemed Ortega y Gasset Award in recognition of his accomplishments. Additionally, his remarkable work with Materia earned him the CSIC-FBBVA Science Communication Award.