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Storygram: Anna Maria Barry-Jester’s “Surviving Suicide In Wyoming”

Anna Maria Barry-Jester • June 12, 2018
PUBLISHED BY: FiveThirtyEight ON July 13, 2016
National Academies Keck Award

Kenny Michelena is, by just about any measure, a tough guy. He was born and raised on a ranch in rural northwestern Wyoming and remembers that after class in elementary school, the bus driver would drop him off wherever he saw the family tractor, so he could go straight to work in the fields …

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Storygram: Eric Boodman’s “Accidental Therapists”

Eric Boodman • January 23, 2018
PUBLISHED BY: STAT ON March 22, 2017
CASW Clark/Payne

Gale Ridge could tell something was wrong as soon as the man walked into her office at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. He was smartly dressed in a collared shirt and slacks, but his skin didn’t look right: [highlight]It was bright pink, almost purple — and weirdly glassy. …

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