Awards: AAAS Kavli Award

The AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards are designed to recognize distinguished science reporting by professional journalists. Below is Showcase’s collection of AAAS Kavli award winners.

The 24/7 Search for Killer Quakes

Alexandra Witze •
PUBLISHED BY: Nature ON July 8, 2015
AAAS Kavli Award

At 17 minutes past midnight on Saturday 25 April, Rob Sanders’s computer started chiming with alerts. On his screen, squiggly recordings poured in from seismometers in Tibet, Afghanistan and nearby areas that were feeling the first vibrations from a tremendous earthquake. …

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The Social Life of Genes

David Dobbs •
PUBLISHED BY: Pacific Standard ON September 3, 2013
AAAS Kavli Award

Your DNA is not a blueprint. Day by day, week by week, your genes are in a conversation with your surroundings. Your neighbors, your family, your feelings of loneliness: They don’t just get under your skin, they get into the control rooms of your cells. Inside the new social science of genetics. …

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Devastated: The world’s largest known organism is in Utah—and it’s dying

Matthew D. LaPlante and Paul Christiansen •
PUBLISHED BY: Salt Lake City Weekly ON November 20, 2013
AAAS Kavli Award

There was a boy named Gary here, in 1984. He carved his name into the bark of an aspen tree, and, next to that, the name of his lover, Lori. Then, hedging his bets against beavers and beetles, fires and foresters, he did it again. And again. And again. …

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